Ukraine to field An-178 airlifter


Ukraine is to field the Antonov An-178, with the announcement in early January that the manufacturer has received USD105 million for three of the airlifters for the country’s armed forces.

The order, which represents the first domestic contract for Antonov to supply aircraft to the military since Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, will see the twin jet engine transport aircraft delivered in 2023.

News of the order came some 19 months after the Ukrainian government announced its intent in June 2019 to buy 13 An-178s, with entry into service slated for 2022.

Having been announced in 2010 and making its maiden flight in May 2015, the An-178 is essentially an An-158 regional jet with a rear-loading ramp, while specifications listed in Janes All The World's Aircraft: Development & Production give the An-178 a cargo hold measuring 16.65 m including ramp (12.85 m excluding ramp); a 2.745 m width at the floor and a height of 2.75 m; and a floor area of 40 m² and a hold volume of 125 m³ (both including the ramp). Its wingspan is 28.84 m and it is 32.95 m long and 10.14 m tall. The aircraft has a maximum payload of 18 tonnes and a range of 1,000 km fully loaded. Its cruise speed is 445 kt and requires a 2,500 m runway from which to operate.