The First Aviation Industry Comprehensive Bonded Zone Eestablished in Midwest

2018-02-27 11:43  Author:Lex  Source:CANNEWS

CANNEWS - The comprehensive bonded zone of XI’AN YANLIANG NATIONAL AVIATION HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL BASE(CAIB) has been officially established by the State Council. This is the first comprehensive bonded zone in the central and western regions of China, that is characterized by aviation industry.

According to the approval of the State Council, the planned area of the comprehensive bonded area of CAIB is 1.5 square kilometers, which is located at the core of Xi'an aviation base. In the future, CAIB integrated free trade zone will be to develop civil aviation industry as the core, according to the national bonded processing, bonded logistics and bonded service given by the three big functions, warehousing logistics, foreign trade, international procurement and distribution distribution, transit, testing and maintenance services, research and development, processing and manufacturing, such as bonded business, located in the domestic first-class, world-renowned international aviation industry zone.

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