“Pterosaur II” sets a new shooting range test record for Chinese UAV

2018-01-09 08:39  Author:  Source:CANNEWS

A few days ago, AVIC independently developed high-end “Pterosaur II” UAV with reconnaissance and fighter integrated in one has completed several shooting range tests, hit rate of which reached 100%, furthermore, a new shooting range test record for Chinese UAV for “five shoot, five hit” had been set. At the same time, oversea order for “Pterosaur” series delivered in batch of 2017 was completed successfully.

On 27th, February, 2017, customized “Pterosaur II” UAV completed its first flight in a northwest airport successfully. China has ranked first-rate level for large reconnaissance and fighter UAV in virtue of its independent key technology in the world. In the very short 10 months, a series of test fight task had been performed on “Pterosaur II” UAV, UAV platform, task loading, weapons, ground station and other objects have been tested, by high strength and intensive test flight, each performance index for “Pterosaur II” UAV was fully verified, which marked “Pterosaur II” UAV have met customers’ requirements, being provided with full capacity. 8 types and more than 10 shooting range test missiles and bombs were tested totally, and multiple shooting range test scenario for fixed target, moveable target, encountering target upon customer requirements were verified, reaching a 100% hit rate, thus a diversified combating mode came true. Check before “Pterosaur II” takes off with weapons.

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