Haite group joint Israel IAI in Paris air show issue the capacity of B737-700 PT

2017-06-22 08:49  Author:  Source:CANNEWS

21 June,2017,Haite group joint Israel IAI in Paris air show issue the capacity of B737-700 PTF. This is the first global capacity of B737NG.This is a important result of our cooperation. Now few company have this capacity. This project’s success has greatly improved the engineering skills of Haite and even China’s MRO.

In September 2016, Haite Group started its official partnership with IAI to launch the business of B737NG Passenger to Special Freighter. So far, the modification design,construction, flight test and certificate obtaining of the Boeing 737-700 aircraft for its launch customer have been completed. Also,this project has gotten the world's first STC certification for B737-700 aircraft’s Passenger to Special Freighter in June  2017 and is formally opening its modification business in the whole world.

The design, certificate obtaining and modification of the Passenger to Special Freighter belong to the cutting-edge project in MRO industry. Now only a few OEM such as Boeing and Airbus and very few MRO own the STC certification for Passenger to Special Freighter.As an international enterprise whose business covers aviation design,manufacturing and maintenance,IAI has successfully been modifying and safely operating about 200 cargo planes in the past 20 years.Haite,as a famous MRO enterprise in China, has established aircraft overhaul and conversion bases in Chengdu and Tianjin.With the development of the global freight market,it is estimated that about 2000 new cargo planes are needed within the next 20 years.Particularly in China,with a rapid economic growth and the prosperous development in aviation market,a larger Passenger to Special Freighter market will rise.And for Boeing 737NG,which is the most major type in the world now, will also become the biggest aircraft resource of the medium-size aircraft’s Passenger to Special Freighter field in the future.

The cooperation between IAI and Haite Group also includes the Passenger to Special Freighter project of Boeing737-800. The project has been launched, and according to the schedule, the STC certification will be obtained by the start of 2018 and the business will be started.In the future,it is expected to be a dominant force in the global Passenger to Special Freighter filed .

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