COHC Takes Delivery of Its 6th EC225 Helicopter

An EC225 LP helicopter of China's CITIC Offshore Helicopter Company (COHC).

COHC took delivery of its 6th EC225 helicopter on Nov. 20. Image by

  At 11:00 a.m. on November 20, an EC225 LP helicopter of China's CITIC Offshore Helicopter Company (COHC), registration number B-7151, arrived at Shenzhen Nantou Helicopter Airport from Macau, which is the 3rd EC225 introduced by COHC this year. Liu Jianxin, deputy general manager of COHC, together with relevant staff, welcomed the helicopter at the airport. It is learned that the helicopter will star offshore oil operations very soon.

  The EC225 LP helicopter of COHC is a multi-purpose helicopter equipped with two engines produced by Eurocopter. EC225 LP, featuring long-range performance, spacious interior room, advanced equipment and system redundancy, is the key aircraft applied in deep-water oil exploration and development.

  Equipped with 19 comfortable seats, the helicopter is capable of taking off at maximum weight of 11 tons and a cruise speed of 320 kilometers per hour, with a maximum flight range of 5,100 meters. Besides, it has two 300ml wing tanks, which enable the helicopter to increase its flight range to 1200 kilometers, so as to meet the standards of deep-water oil operations.

  CHOC now owns 6 EC225LP helicopters, including 3 introduced this year. The introduction of EC225 LP long-range helicopters is an important step for the company to seize the opportunity of speeding up ocean oil exploration and general aviation development, and to develop helicopter market in field of offshore petroleum exploration. Meanwhile, it also plays a positive role in expanding the company's fleet size, optimizing fleet equipment, boosting market competitiveness, and consolidating its position in general aviation industry.