Fujian’s First general aircraft manufacturing project initiated

2013-12-06 15:44  Author:  Source:中国航空新闻网

Brumby Aircraft, an aircraft designer andmanufacturer from Australia, signed an agreement of strategic cooperation (thecooperation) with Fujian General Aviation Company (Fujian GA) in Cowra city ofAustralia on December 5th. The aim of this cooperation is toestablish a joint venture to produce Brumby aircrafts in China. The cooperationalso aims at forming a R&D center, providing technical and after-salesservices, and promoting sales worldwide. The R&D center has a mission todevelop a seaplane of ten to twenty seats, filling a blank of general aviationindustry in China.  This cooperationrepresents that Fujian has brought in its very first aircraft-manufacturingproject. The aircraft assembly line will be located in the Fujian GeneralAviation Industrial Park in Fuqing - a coastal city in Fujian. “There is noaircraft assembly line in Fujian so far, not only this project will be abreak-through, it will also greatly promote the whole general aviationindustrial chain in Fujian.” says Mr. Chen Pai, Deputy General Manager ofFujian GA 


General aviation is expected to experience substantialgrowth in the coming decade. On November 18, “Regulations on the Approval andManagement of General Aviation Flight Mission” were jointly issued by thePeople's Liberation Army General Staff Department and the Civil AviationAdministration of China. This document prescribes that general aviationflights, except for 9 situations such as cross-border flight, or flight throughmilitary-restricted areas, do not have to follow application and approvalprocedures anymore.  With stronginterests and business vision in the Chinese market, Brumby Aircraft intends toseize the opportunity and expand its production capacity, and its market sharesin China as soon as possible.

As part of strategic development planningof AVIC, Fujian GA plays a significant role in promoting the development ofgeneral aviation in Fujian province. The company currently has one generalaviation industrial park under construction in Fuqing city, Fujian Province.The industrial park will include a general aviation airport with an 1800mrunway, seaplane airport, helipads, as well as other supporting facilities. Totalconstructions of the industrial park will occupy a land of 333 hectares nearthe coastline. In the future, this Park will involve aircraft manufacturing andmaintenance, pilot training program, aviation operations, and FBO services. TheIndustrial Park is currently open for all possible business opportunities.

Based on the cooperation, the joint venturewill produce Brumby 600, Brumby 610, Brumby AirCruiser, as well as the seaplanedeveloped by the R&D center in the future. Brumby aircrafts are widely usedin the market of Australia, New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the mostreliable general aircrafts with high performance in Australia. 

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